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Solar Bonds - The Landmark "Green Bonds"

In addition to creating CCA, Local Power founder Paul Fenn wrote the world's first "green bond" or "climate bond" authority in San Francisco in 2001, to complement San Francisco's Community Choice Aggregation of grid power procurement, for the finance, installation and maintenance of local renewables and energy efficiency measures on homes and businesses in 2001, known as "H Bonds," "Green Bonds," "Climate Bonds" or Solar Bonds.

Since then, Green Bonds have played a major role in Local Power's development of the CCA business model, and at the same time have become a $3T industry worldwide, transforming renewable energy even apart from CCA -- in addition to the $10B in Solar Bonds that California CCAs have issued in recent years in addition to leveraging $20B in private investment, a combined $30B in new local and regional renewables, exceeding 11 Gigawatts, or 1% of the combined domestic US renewable and non-renewable electricity generation supply. CCA Green Bonds issued by half a dozen California CCAs constituted the largest issuance of Green Bonds in the US in 2023, finally demonstrating the massive transformative potential of CCA with Green Bonds.

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