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Local Power Inc. - Experience.

Many new firms have been formed in recent years in response to new demand for energy independence and greener power, but few have the depth of experience in the energy business that is needed to ensure success. Local Power Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in preparing communities to implement local government renewable energy programs, providing municipal and county design and implementation services with cross-sectoral sophistication navigating government, legal, logistical and financial challenges.

We bring not only experience, but leadership in the many layers of knowledge that define energy. Over the past fifteen years, Local Power wrote America's first renewable energy financing authority (San Francisco's Solar Bond Authority, 2001) and created the original California's Community Choice Aggregation laws such as California's (AB117, 2002) and similar laws in other U.S. states. Over the past decade, Local Power has drafted government policy documents, implementation plans and solicitation documents for major and minor municipal and regional governments to green and localize their energy supplies including major accomplishments in green power, energy independence and climate protection.

CCA Program Design & Engineering

 City of San Francisco - San Francisco Public Utilities Commission CleanPowerSF In-City Buildout of Renewables and Energy Efficiency - SFPUC-Released Documents (2013)
 San Francisco's CCA Program Design, Draft Implementation Plan and H Bond Action Plan (2007)
 Appendices

Energy Resilience & Carbon Planning

 SonomaCleanPower-Related Documents
 Sonoma County Renewable Energy Secure Communities (RESCO) - Final Report (2013)
 Sonoma RESCO Data Collection Report
 Sonoma County (California) 2008 Climate Action Plan
 Appendices

Community Renewable Resource Survey

 San Luis Obispo Renewable Energy Secure Community (2013)
 San Francisco CCA Program Report (2009)
 Attachments

Energy Localization Feasibility Studies

 Boulder Localization Standard Electricity and Natural Gas (2011)
 Boulder Energy Future Consultant Reports Page

CCA Wholesale Power RFP Drafting and Negotiation

 San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation Second Request for Proposals (2010)
 San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation First Request for Proposals (2009)  Link to LPI's RFP Press Release

Community Solar / Solar Shares Program Design and Renewables Development Bid Evaluation

 Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Community Solar Shares Program (2006)

 Appendices

 Imperial Irrigation District Renewable Energy Development RFP Bid Evaluation (2007)

Community Choice Aggregation Policy Analysis

 Sonoma County Alternatives Analysis: Electricity from Renewable Sources for Sonoma County (2013)
 San Francisco CCA Best Practices and Lessons Learned Report (2009)
 Appendices

Power Plant Replacement / Environmental Impact Report Analysis

 San Diego County "Green Energy Options" Report (2007)
 Green Energy Options Report Appendices
 Green Energy Options Press Release

 Los Angeles Communities for a Better Environment Power Plant Assessment (2008)

Renewables and Energy Efficiency Finance Authority and Implementation Ordinance

 San Francisco "Solar Bond" or H Bond Charter Authority - Proposition H, City Charter Section 9.107.8 (2001)
 San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation Ordinance 86-04 (2004)

Community Choice Aggregation Laws

 California's Community Choice Law, Assembly Bill 117 (2002)
 Massachusetts "Community Choice" Law, Senate 447 (1995)

 Original Testimony to Massachusetts Regulators Regarding Original "Community Choice" Bill, Senate 447 (1995)

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