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It's Not Just Green. It's Local.

In the past two decades, Local Power's founders created a whole new energy market based on local municipal control - electrical aggregations, or "Community Choice Aggregations," in regions comprising 25% of U.S. power demand, in order to make profound changes possible in the utility industry. Today over five percent of Americans are served by CCAs - in over 1300 municipalities, from small rural towns to major urban cities like Chicago, Cincinatti and San Francisco.

Today, Local Power Inc. works with local government staff, city-, town-, and village councils and boards of supervisors to launch a community-based alternative to monopoly electricity service. Our purpose is to help you implement a new business model that is substantively different: greener, more local, based on local renewable technologies: locally controlled, customer-owned, more fuel- and grid-independent, and radically lower in carbon pollution. By preparing the right program designs and local job definitions, Local Power will help you develop local renewable technologies that are designed to fit your local energy needs. Local Power offers no less than a prosperous transition to energy independence and sustainability. Local Power lets you "Own Your Power."

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